The start of a great career

Graduation ceremony of LUC students in The Hague

Graduation ceremony of LUC students in The Hague

Throughout your studies at LUC The Hague, you receive personal guidance from tutors in deciding on your career after graduation. A BA or BSc degree from LUC The Hague offers opportunities for further studies and/or a career at a government institution, international organisation, research institution, university, corporation or NGO anywhere in the world.

After LUC The Hague

Opportunities abound for LUC graduates in the Netherlands, within the European Union, anywhere in the world. After three years of intensive honours education in the Liberal Arts & Sciences themed on Global Challenges, you will be able to choose from

  • International Master's and PhD programmes

  • Internships in government and international institutions

  • Traineeships in think tanks and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's)

  • Positions in strategic and financial consultancy firms

  • Education and awareness raising projects

You will be able to to start a career as a journalist, policy adviser, diplomat, researcher, manager or consultant. Having found your education at LUC invaluable preparation, you can follow up your LUC honours degree with specialisations in education, law, psychology, business administration and government.

Eliza Grisle, graduate of LUC's Class of 2014

Eliza Grisle (Latvia)

Eliza Grisle (Latvia)

‘I graduated from LUC with a major in Global Justice. At the moment I’m a Master student of Public International Law at Leiden University. I did several internships to gain more experience next to my courses. I worked for the International Criminal Court and the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which are both located in The Hague. Critical thinking skills is the one thing I learned at every course at LUC. We were taught to never take something for granted. That comes in handy in every aspect of life.’

Postgraduate programmes

LUC graduates receive an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. You will be well-qualified to apply for demanding and competitive post-graduate studies at master's and PhD level in major research universities worldwide. LUC graduates have been admitted to universities such as The London School of Economics and Political Science, Oxford University, National University of Ireland (Galway), Columbia University in New York, University College London, Fudan University, King’s College London, and the University for Peace in Costa Rica, to name but a few.

While many students explore their Master programmes opportunities abroad, a large group of students continues with a Master's degree closer to home at Leiden University. Currenlty LUC alumni are enrolled in the following Leiden University programmes:

  • LLM Public International Law 

  • MSc International Studies

  • MA Philosophy

  • MA Theology and Religious Studies

  • MSc Criminal Justice

  • MSc Crisis and Security Management 

  • MSc Industrial Ecology (in cooperation with Delft University of Technology)

  • MSc Political Science 

  • MSc Public Administration 

Full information on Leiden University's Master Programmes is available on our Masters in Leiden website.

Internships & Industry

By the time you graduate you will have acquired a wide set of transferable skills, including:

  • International, intercultural and interdisciplinary communication

  • Scientific and mathematical reasoning, logical exposition, critical and creative thinking

  • Research methods (quantitative, qualitative, mixed and electronic approaches)

  • Written and oral presentation for a variety of audiences

  • Leadership, teamwork and organisation

  • Community-building and problem-solving

LUC students benefit from specialised and small-scaled teaching that matches the best pedagogical practices in competitive and stimulating taught and research Master's programmes. Our graduates are socially responsible and civically responsive graduates who are well placed to pursue selective and attractive internships and careers in local, national, regional, and international civil, corporate, and public organisations.

Last Modified: 07-07-2015