Interview series with our LUC Graduates (part 3)

We interviewed several of our graduates about their experiences at LUC and their plans for their future. Please find the interviews with Eline Severijnen and Nitin Sood in this article. More interviews will follow shortly.

Why did you choose to study at LUC?

Eline Severijnen and Nitin Sood (Class of 2013)

Eline Severijnen and Nitin Sood (Class of 2013)

Eline Severijnen: The focus on global challenges attracted me.

Nitin Sood: I am an idealist dreamer who has taken Gandhi’s advise of being the change you wish to see in the world to heart. When I first stumbled upon LUC’s website and read the very same words describing the academic program and ethos of the institute, I knew instantly that LUC would be the perfect fit for me who thinks that we, as human beings, are able to respond to the global challenges. Furthermore I was excited about the flexible academic program that not only allows but also encourages students to explore a wide range of subjects and tailor their degree according to their own interests.

However, ultimately I chose LUC because I thought the education at this particular institute would render me the instruments and skills to make the world a little better place for everyone.

What do you think about your time at LUC?

Eline Severijnen:  Three amazing years that have flown by (too quickly); LUC has shaped me, my thinking and my life.

Nitin Sood: The entire last semester at LUC I remember just eagerly waiting for the day I would graduate and leave the institution, but when the day arrived bittersweet feelings took over my mind as I realized how much I would miss not only my friends that I had gained but also some of the instructors and studying at our beautiful school building at Lange Voorhout.

Retrospectively it was a very challenging experience yet simultaneously rewarding. The academic program was intense and required a lot of my time, but it also provided me the tools I expected to acquire at LUC. My time at LUC is marked with many frustrations and annoyances but also with laughter, joy and satisfaction. I would not change the experience to anything else in spite of all the minor hiccups, which at the time seemed so prominent and cardinal.

Did LUC met your expectations?

Eline Severijnen: No, it exceeded them ;-)

Nitin Sood: Partly. But I am one of those unfortunate individuals who always have such high expectations that I am bound to be disappointed to a degree. However, the community I was part of during my three years was definitely what I expected it to be. I shared my life with like-minded students and professors who were concerned about the global issues and desired to make a difference in the world. The community was vibrant, thrilling, passionate and most importantly caring.

What is your most valuable lesson you learned at LUC?

Eline Severijnen:  Answering one question raises at least ten others.

Nitin Sood: My education at LUC rendered me with significant insights and I truly believe that as a result I am better equipped to comprehend the complex nature of global challenges. I already knew that in order to tackle global poverty and inequality, we must first understand the roots of the issues before responding. And what I learned at LUC was that the roots are much more intricate than of any tree you have witnessed in your life. Even though LUC seemed to pose more questions and problems rather than exposing possible solutions to the issues, it simultaneously offered a wide range of perspectives and frameworks that I currently find necessarily to possess in order to respond to global challenges

What are your plans after LUC?

Eline Severijnen:   I will start the LLM Public International Law program at Leiden University this September.

Nitin Sood: The academic program at LUC was so challenging and intense that I really need a break from studying, haha. So next year I will be working at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs where I will be assisting in organizing seminars and conferences. Afterwards I plan to pursue my masters in the field of international development/human rights, hopefully at some institution that is as committed to making a difference as LUC is.

Additional Comments:

Eline Severijnen:  LUC was not just valuable academically & Socially: it was also a journey for the Class of 2013, building this college and the LUC community.

Nitin Sood: LUC offered me a multiple opportunities that I would have not otherwise gained. During the three years I worked as a research assistant to a professor of comparative sexual orientation law at Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies and conducted an internship at the Permanent Mission of Finland in Geneva. It is not per se that LUC gave me the jobs, but LUC most definitely supplied me with the knowledge and skills that helped me to secure these positions.

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We wish Eline, Nitin and all LUC graduates the best of luck with their plans after LUC The Hague!

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