Interview series with our LUC Graduates (part 1)

We interviewed several of our graduates about their experiences at LUC and their plans for their future. Please find the interviews with Rosalind Lowe and Caspar Plomp in this article. More interviews will follow shortly.

Rosalind Lowe and Caspar Plomp (Class of 2013)

Rosalind Lowe and Caspar Plomp (Class of 2013)

Why did you choose to study at LUC?

Rosalind Lowe: During LUC’s open day as well as my admissions interview I felt so welcomed by LUC’s staff. I loved the idea of a small, interdisciplinary university which allowed for active participation of students during seminars.

Caspar Plomp: Because of the combination of choice in one's programme and nonetheless always being involved in the study of a global challenge. 

How do you feel about your time at LUC?

Rosaling Lowe: In the end, I can say with complete certainty that LUC was the perfect place for me to be. I am so grateful to have been able to spend three years in an environment where I was able to be myself and grow both academically and personally. The great deal of respect, encouragement and support from LUC staff has helped me to gain confidence in myself. Simultaneously, LUC as an ambitious academic environment has opened my eyes to a variety of perspectives on various issues, allowing me to shape my own careful and informed opinions.

Caspar Plomp: It was absolutely brilliant! I really enjoyed the substance of the programme as well as being part of the LUC community.

Did LUC meet your expectations?

Rosalind Lowe: When I arrived at LUC I was not entirely sure what to expect. I do not think that anyone really was. LUC is shaped by its staff and students. Students have the freedom to experiment with different courses and explore their interests. Simultaneously, they have the opportunity to share their interests with others. As the very first year, we helped to construct the foundations of LUC, but I hope that in the future, each new year will offer something unique and personal to the university.

Caspar Plomp: No, it vastly surpassed them (positively, that is).

What are your plans after LUC?

Rosalind Lowe: Next year I am going to study sociology at Oxford University. There, I plan on focusing on the pathway “social inequality”. In my view, academia plays a vital role in identifying continuing sources of inequality, as well as analysing and explaining their foundation. In modern society, there appears to be a strong tension between the rhetoric of modernity and the inference of colonialism which I believe must be challenged.

Caspar PLomp: Study International Law at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.

Additional comment from Rosalind Lowe

In a university environment which is generally characterized as a place where you expand and express your knowledge, I have learned not only to speak, but to listen. I have learned that in order to truly begin to understand an issue you must approach it from various perspectives. Though to some extent we all may always be somewhat limited by our own frame of view, we have to be open to the knowledge of others and challenge common perceptions. We need to keep on thinking, questioning and listening.

We wish Rosalind, Caspar and all LUC graduates the best of luck with their plans after LUC The Hague!


Last Modified: 27-06-2013