LUC Capstone Theses of Merit: 2014

LUC is very pleased to announce the recipients of its Thesis of Merit award, which is extended to all students whose Capstone thesis sufficiently meets specific scholarly criteria. Seven theses were awarded merit, with one thesis being awarded Highest Merit. Congratulations to all awardees!

Thesis of Highest Merit

Sophie Starrenburg (Global Justice)
Effectively Protecting Cultural Heritage: Incorporating Cultural Genocide into the International Legal Definition of Genocide
Supervisor: Freya Baetens

Thesis of Merit

Jacolien Cornet (Policy Science)
Natural Resource Rents: Revenues That Harm Fiscal Policies? Case Study: Angola and Cameroon
Supervisor: Anar Ahmadov

Emeline Dupuis (Global Justice)
Corrective' Rape in South Africa: Bridging the Gap between Law and Social Norms
Supervisor: Brid Walsh

Jasper Ginn (Policy Science)
Risky Business: What Determines Levels of Risk-Taking Among US Banks?
Supervisor: Brandon Zicha

Benjamin Kogan (Policy Science)
Corporate Governments: Government Connections of Public Oil & Gas Companies
Supervisor: Brandon Zicha

Sarah Steutel (Human Interaction)
Eugenic Feminism in the United States and Germany: National Differences
Supervisor: Ann Wilson

Jori Wefer (Sustainability)
Quantifying and Visualizing the Value of Green Roofs in Reducing Urban Co2 Emissions - A Case Study of Amsterdam
Supervisor: Alfred Wagtendonk

Last Modified: 30-06-2014