Practical Matters


Perhaps you are looking for a part time job? This might especially be interesting if you are a non-Dutch EU-student, because if you have a contract of 32-40 hours per month you are entitled to the basic student grant (Studiefinanciering) and the student travel product.

Getting Around

Exploring The Hague can be done in many ways. Here you can read about reaching your destination by cycling, walking, taxi’s and  by public transport. There is also information about the means of payment for the public transport system: ‘OV-Chipkaart’

Dutch Bank Account

We advise all students to have a Dutch bank account. Please find instructions on how to do this on this page.

Dutch Mobile Phone

To get a Dutch telephone number, you can buy a pre-paid SIM card or buy a new subscription. To set up a contract with a provider, you will need a passport, a Dutch bank account, and proof of address.