Dutch Bank Account

We advise all students to have a Dutch bank account. This is particularly important if:

  • you have been awarded a scholarship from Leiden University (so that we can transfer the scholarship funds to you).
  • you are applying for a part-time job (in order to receive your salary).
  • you are an EU student paying the EU tuition fee (home fee) in instalments.

You can open a student bank account at a local bank. Remember to take the following documents:

  • your passport
  • a rental contract with your address
  • proof of your admission to Leiden University.
  • Copies of the above mentioned documents


More information can be found here.

Banks in The Hague

Some addresses of local banks:

ABN Amro, Bezuidenhoutseweg 67, The Hague, T 0900 - 00 24 0900 - 00 24 0900 - 00 240900 0024

Rabobank, Bezuidenhoutseweg 5, The Hague, T 070 371 88 88

Last Modified: 29-08-2014